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Now that we are seeing a bit of normalcy back into our lives, we’ve gone back to that GO GO GO lifestyle. I always make sure that I have snacks on hand when that 2 PM window rolls around and I need a boost of energy! Thats where Mid-Day squares are coming in hot!

If you haven’t come across these real chocolate top, raw superfood squares yet you haven’t been truly living. They are a Canadian crew, healthy lifestyle, chocolate loving based brand and im here for it!

They currently offer 3 different flavours: Fudge Yah, Almond Crunch and there newest flavour Busta Peanut. They taste as good as a chocolate bar and will keep you satisfied and full until your next meal.

So what is all the rage about? These chocolate snacks are full of protein, fibre and a ton of natural ingredients. I don’t know about you, but I love CHOCOLATE and Mid-Day squares ingredients are all things that I can definitely get behind: Hemp protein, pumpkin seeds, dates, yacon syrup.. YUM

People constantly ask me what some of my go to snacks are and these are at the top of my list. Life is all about finding balance and being able to enjoy yourself while maintaining a healthy lifestyle but who says healthy food can't be indulgent.

Nutrition Facts:

170 Calories (per square)

12 G of Protein

8 G of Fibre

5 G of Fat

14 G of Carbs

Go check them out NOW and let me know what you think!

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