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Hi Guys,

As many of you have seen, I will be hosting another challenge, this time it will be for 6 weeks and will run from October 19th -November 30th, bringing us right up to those winter months.

All new workouts that will be bigger and badder, I want those transformations to be top notch!

So if you're one of those people who like to say...

"Next time I'll join! I'm just not ready to commit yet... But next month FER SUREEEEE"

Dont keep putting it off, there is no time like the present!

👉🏼 6 weeks of Cardio & Strength training (designed to build muscle and torch excess body fat). 👉🏼 6 weeks of meal planning, customizable recipes and a full Nutrition Guide 👉🏼 Follow along Live streamed workouts with me (permanently available to you) 👉🏼 Live streamed bi-weekly Q&A's to ask me anything! 👉🏼 An AMAZING private, online community for accountability and support 👉🏼 A chance to learn to move your body in new, athletic and powerful way!

The feedback I have been getting from every challenge has been incredible.

Stop saying to yourself "I wish I had the ability to do those workouts that SHE'S doing."


It's truly as simple as that.

If you have questions about the Crush it with Chels Challenge, check out these Frequently Asked Questions below:

1) If I can't follow along at the same time of your live workouts, will I still be able to watch them later?

YES! All the strength workout videos and Q&A's will be permanently saved in our email/Facebook group for only the private members to watch. It'll be like having your own trainer in your own living room. I break down technique and form, push hard together as a group, and cheer each other on!

2) What are the workouts like?

You'll be combining 3 strength training workouts each week. This is designed to help you build muscle and create an hourglass figure WHILE leaning out your midsection and tightening up your thighs and tummy.

3) What equipment do I need?

2 dumbbells 1 booty band 1 yoga mat Towel

Stack of books


4) How do I know if this is right for me?

This program is designed for ANYONE I recommend starting off slow and use the modifications that I provide, you will see each week will progress. Ive created the program to challenge you, push your limits and train in a way that you don't usually do!

5) Can I drink alcohol and eat pizza on the plan?

YES. In fact, I encourage you to treat yourself and indulge throughout this program. I am not the kind of person that restricts herself, and do not ask my members to do so either! I want you to train HARD, enjoy summer, and feel enriched and amazing over these next 6 weeks.

Any other questions? Hit reply and ask me directly :)

Ciao ladies xo


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