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Big Booty B****

These days everyone is looking for that Kardashian buttox, cause I mean you have to fit into those apple bottom jeans, but for reals! Every week I incorporate 2 drenching lower body workouts to tighten up my quads firm up that peach.

The gym Is still closed and who said that you aren’t able to accomplish that?

Lower Body day 1: Strength based with heavier compound lifts meaning (Hip Thrusts, Squats, Deadlifts)

Lower Body day 2: Higher reps - Glute burns (Bands)

By implementing both I have noticed a HUGE difference in my thighs and glutes - That booty is tight son, ya mean?

Its summer time, so who doesn’t want to show off in that tiny bikini!

Next time your looking for a lower body workout, check this out:

  1. DB Glute Thrust (4 x 20 reps)

  2. Bulgarian Split Squat (4 x 12 reps)

  3. Slider Reverse Lung ( 4 x 12 reps)

  4. Goblet Squats (4 x 1 min)

  5. Banded Lateral Steps (4 x 1min)

  6. Banded In and Outs (4 x 1 min)

This is just a little taste of what some of challenge workouts looks like as well my online programming!

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