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Updated: Nov 13, 2020


  • 1 1/2 cup Almond Flour

  • 1 Eggs (Beaten)

  • 1 TB spoon garlic powder

  • Everything Bagel Spice

Egg Wash:

  • 1/4 cup egg whites

  • 1 tsp water

1. Set Oven to 350 degrees

2. In large bowl combine all ingredients except everything bagel spice. It should hold together.

3. Add mixture to parchment paper, then add another piece on top.

4. Roll dough between two pieces, roll until dough is very thin.

5. Transfer dough onto baking sheet, remove top piece and cut into squares.

6. Egg wash: Whisk egg whites and water in a bowl, brush dough with egg wash. Sprinkle Everything bagel spice on top.

7. Bake for 15 mins or until set and edges of crackers a golden brown.

8. Let them cool for 10 mins before breaking the squares.

9. Enjoy!

*Serves 8

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