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Stuck in Quarantine making Quarantinis

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Whos else is sick of social distancing? Im ready to get back to real life- here a few things that are helping me stay on track and accountable.

So you're stuck at home due to the virus with nothing but Netflix and quarantine snacks, and your fitness motivation is MIA.

These are uncertain times with little to no answers on when your life will get back on track. How long is this going to be our new normal?

The stress of the virus is an everyday battle but try to not let it take a toll on your fitness goals. Listen, I am all about having a few bevies over FaceTime with my girlfriends, and inhaling an entire bag of Doritos, however; it is very important that we make sure that these practises don’t become a daily occurrence in our isolation lifestyle.

My point is that you can still have fun and make visible progress towards your best self.

I wanted to share 3 things are keeping me motivated and on track while working from home:

Set an alarm:

From Monday through Friday, carry on with that normal daily routine; set an alarm and get up the same time you would for work. Try and fight the temptation to sleep in or stay up late. Setting an alarm will give you a sense of direction and drive, that may otherwise slip away if you allow yourself to lounge. If you can continue to motivate yourself then your more likely to workout.


As everyone knows, ALL gyms are closed by now, with no date on when it will re open. Were you prepared for this? probably not. But keep MOVING!

Movement is key for mental clarity, if you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed, try and get up and move! There have been a metric shit ton of live at home workouts on Instagram and Facebook since this whole ordeal started. These workouts are body weight with minimal equipment, so go challenge yourself.

Get off your phone:

There is so much information being passed around that its hard to not get totally consumed by everything. Every night a few hours before you go to bed, get off of social media and be present in there here and now. Try to do something that will turn off your brain and get you ready for a good nights sleep.

Focus on being the best version of you and crush it!

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