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Its no secret that when it comes to exercise a lot of people find different reasons to not do it. Whether it be lack of knowledge, motivation or time — I understand that this is is difficult for many. Making a commitment to yourself to live the healthiest life possible is SO important and this is where I come in.

Everyone has different goals, strengths, weaknesses and reasons why they need a personal trainer and thats why they’ve hired me! Its important to work with someone side by side pushing them outside of their comfort zone, ultimately to help them reach the end goal. People often wonder why after so long would someone continue to use a personal trainer — shouldn’t they know how to workout by now? If it was that easy personal training would be a thing, knowing what to do is one thing but showing up for yourself can be the most difficult part.

Im going to outline why hiring a personal trainer is so effective and could have you feeling like your best self again:

1. Accountability and Motivation

The hardest part is showing up, when you pencil in your calendar that you will go to the gym between a certain time it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to go. Having a personal trainer you have to schedule in appointments so if I'm here, your here — physically and mentally. When you have someone that is waiting for you it eliminates the option of making an excuse to cancel on the gym. I consider myself to be an accountability coach, I will message you and remind you of our session and will not allow an excuse to be made! I am that extra kick in the ass that everyone needs in their life. NOONE EVER REGRETS A WORKOUT!

2. Education

Do you ever feel lost in the gym? You show up and just end up using the cardio machine because your not really sure what your doing — going through the motions but not feeling the end result. There is a correlation between exercise and results, the peanut butter to your jam! An effective workout compiles certain exercises together in a certain order — Do you do this?

When you work with a personal trainer we build a program based off your goals and what you would like to achieve, correct exercise pairing will optimize your results and not waste time. We help with form and technique to make you feel comfortable lifting weights and provide you with proper movement and ensure proper form is being executed.

3. Goals

Its so important to set goals, everyone sets goals for themselves in everyday life and its no different when it comes to your health! It allows you to stay focused and on track, and also a reminder of why you started this fitness journey. Everyone wants that quick fix, and its my job to set realistic goals for my client to get them a long term result. Your going to fall off that wagon but its duty to pick you right back up and put on the right path.

Investing in your health is the best investment you can make, working with a professional allows you to make the most out of your time while ensuring your being effective. Find someone that is going to push you beyond your limits but also have some fun with it! Fall in love with the process.

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